15 Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Fitness Instagram accounts?

If you don’t already know, there is a realm within Instagram that consists of many people on fitness and weight loss journeys that use Instagram like a personal journal. Many of their journeys are extremely motivational, as well as the people themselves. Many connect with others outside of Instagram for group workouts or fitness shows.

I’ve compiled a list of my 15 favorite women that consistently update their account with motivational content.


You can DO this! Just believe in yourself?

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April 2014 I was weighing in at 311.2 lbs .. I am 5’8. And was 28 years old. ( photo left ) With two children ages 2 and 8 at the time. (So no I was not pregnant or pp at the time ). I had been rejected from being able to get on rides at an amusement park, I would sit on the edges of chairs because I could not fit without the sides digging into me. Going up even 5 stairs took absolutely every bit of breath I had in me. I could not keep up with my kids, had no sex life, no self esteem or confidence. My go to outfit was sweat pants and men’s the shirts or Hoodie, I felt like it hid my size. I could go on and on …. about the miserable situations , the limitations ….. I’m not sure what snapped in me , but I was tired of being tired . I wanted to live to see my children grow. They are my motivation . I don’t have all of the answers… and starting out I had no idea what I was doing .. losing 5 lbs seemed impossible. I got on YouTube and ig for home workouts, I made better good choices and kicked sugar drinks , sodium and fastfood. We all know what’s good and bad for us … for the most part , and we choose what we eat and do with our day. I am just a normal person like you , with a full time job , kids , husband , home to clean , bills to stress about and sometimes I can’t belive I have made it this far ! Please belive, that if I can , you can ! I promise !…. I adore each and every one of you and your constant feedback and support ! ? Its been 2 years , and I have not reached my goal , and I have learned the scale is just a number . But I can do so much more. .. and I will never quit !

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Dropping a little transformation pic before I hit the movies… 2013-2016.. what a crazy 3 years. What the heck lol.

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#flashbackfriday First pic is from my best friends wedding, 6 years ago, 2nd is from February. No weight loss surgery, no fad diets, no eating disorders, no diet pills- simply healthy food, water, exercise, & the decision to do what’s required rather than “what I feel like.” It hasn’t all been easy, but it also hasn’t been as hard as people think. Getting everything in motion is tough but at a certain point this lifestyle becomes your new norm and feels so much more satisfying than the old. If you haven’t started, this is a reminder that you can do this. If you have, it’s a reminder not to make your Monday harder & progress slower by throwing in the towel all weekend! I believe in you, do you believe in you?! #HowBigGirlsGetFit #BeforeAndAfter

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18th birthday vs 19th birthday✔️ People are usually surprised when they hear my age. Some say it’s the way I look, some say it’s the way I carry myself. Truth is, I did a lot of growing up early in life, but when it comes down to it I’m still just a young girl trying to be my best self and learning to love who I see in the mirror. I’m really proud of the changes I’ve made between these photos, but damn do I have a lot of growing to do! This next year of life is already fixing to be just as eventful as the rest. I’m excited for what’s to come, but I can’t lie I’m also nervous. I guess that’s life though, right? Just gotta take it as it comes and go with the flow.. Here’s to a year of transformation!

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#transformationtuesday find your balance edition. I’ll be honest I haven’t done that much physical transforming as of late. That’s not to say I’m not working on it. I work on it with my fitness and nutrition everyday. But two years ago, I was doing nothing. In January, I was doing too much. I found myself falling back into disordered and unhealthy habits wrapped up in thinking I needed to get certain results to help or inspire people. Sure, my stomach looked a lot flatter. But what you don’t see behind that picture is the struggle of feeling overwhelmed and all consumed with what I ate and how much I lifted. It’s taken me time, and big scary life changes, to find a balance. I’m still finding balance every day. But I am no longer focused on how my body looks to people in an after picture. I’m focused on feeling like I’m living, not “dieting”. That word is a dirty word. Instead I’m not spending my days constantly worried about every single thing I put in my mouth or how many minutes of HIIT I get in. I’ve learned to intuitively eat for my body through flexible dieting and listening to my body. But it took me struggling and doing all those things to learn. I’ve learned to embrace that my body is healthy and strong, even if I’m not rocking a perfect stomach. I’ve learned to stop trying sohard to be what I think everyone else needs, and be an example of what I need. And what I need is a healthy body, a happy heart, a strong will, self forgiveness and patience, and some wine and Hawaiian rolls every now and then. #findthebalance

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I hope these women can motivate you through their fitness Instagram accounts as they have motivated myself and many others.


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