Conditioning before Shampooing?! TRESemme Review

Received my #TRESemmeVoxBox from @influenster and @TRESemme yesterday! Excited to try their new volume shampoo and conditioner that challenges you to #ReverseYourRoutine and condition before washing. I received these products free in exchange for my honest reviews. #influenster #voxbox

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So, more than 7 weeks ago, Influenster sent me a full size sample of TRESemme’s new reversed routine. These new products require you to condition your hair BEFORE you wash. To say I was skeptical is an understatement.

I have always had super thin hair, which causes me to battle to find great hair products. I either have hair systems that strip my hair to the point that it is dry and straw like, or my hair is too heavy and feels dirty all the time. It’s really hard to find an in between that makes my hair look and feel healthy.

I gave the system a shot… and by gave it a shot, I mean I’ve been using it consistently for close to two months. Let me say it now – it’s a product that I will be purchasing in the future! In my experience, the conditioner that you use first, leaving it in for about a minute, leaves your hair detangled, soft, and feeling good. The shampoo is a light cleanser that takes the extra weight from your hair without making your hair tangle or dry. I noticed a difference in my hair almost immediately. My hair is now fuller, softer, and growing healthier than ever!

I received these products free of charge in exchange for honest reviews… This is the first product I received like this that I have completely fallen in love with! Why don’t you try to #ReverseYourRoutine?!


When your neighbor catches you trying to take pictures of your hair for a #blogpost ??? #awkward New blog post will be up shortly! #TRESemme #ReverseYourRoutine #OrNot #BlogPicturesAreAwkward #Embarassing @influenster @TRESemme #contest

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…Also, funny story… I was trying to take some pictures with my hair and my products and my neighbor pulled in his driveway. Talk about awkward and embarrassing?! I guess I can live with it for the sake of my blog, but I never did get that awesome picture of my hair in the grass that I wanted to.


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