January Traffic and Income Summary

January Traffic and Income Summary

Traffic and Income Summary

This is my first ever ‘Traffic and Income Summary.’ In the seven months I’ve been blogging, January is the first month that I have made a small income from my blog and seen a major increase in traffic. I attribute this to my introduction to blogger communities.

I’m going to break down my traffic by social media, the major traffic drivers, and my actual traffic stats.

Social Media Traffic

Unfortunately, I didn’t make a record of where my follower stats were at before January 1st, and I so wish I had! So, the end of January will mark my starting point.


Major Traffic Sources

I am just going off of Google Analytics for this section. Instagram referrals don’t show up in the general traffic sources on Google Analytics.

  • Facebook – 41.68% (combo of facebook & m.facebook)
  • Stumbleupon – 23.18%
  • Direct traffic – 16.46%
  • Pinterest – 1.92%
  • Google – 1.38%
  • Other – 15.38%


Traffic Statistics

  • Visits (Google Analytics) – 1,665
  • Visitors (according to WordPress) – 910
  • Page Views (Google Analytics) – 2,347
  • Page Views (according to WordPress) – 2,298
  • Best Traffic Day – January 12th with 213 views


2016 so far vs. 2015 (July-December)

  • 2016 (January) – Views: 2,298 Visitors: 910
  • 2015 (July-December) – Views: 785 Visitors 407

In one month, with the help of those blogger communities and being more active on social media, I was able to almost triple my page views and almost double my visitor count from 6 months of blogging.


January’s Top Posts


Blog Income

Prior to January 2016, I had only earned about $0.30 on my blog. I’m still waiting for Google to verify my AdSense account so that I can get paid!

  • Google AdSense – $130.18


February Blog Goals

  • Increase blog views and visitors
  • Increase social media following
  • Post at least 3 times weekly
  • Increase income in any way
  • get a few subscribers


Thank you for reading Manda’s Mix and coming back! I’m so happy to have seen a return on the investment I was finally able to put into my blog. 


Thanks for reading,


8 thoughts on “January Traffic and Income Summary

    1. mandaabutler@gmail.com Post author

      Honestly, the only thing I’m doing different to make that change was joining the blogging groups! I think a lot of it comes from the threads focusing on blog post engagement 🙂

  1. Sarah Ross-Koves

    First off I love this post ideas. Secondly, I have been on my blog for 18 months and my ad sense isn’t doing close to that well. How many ads do you have running? What are your ad settings?

    1. mandaabutler@gmail.com Post author

      I use the AdSense plug in for WordPress and have the maximum of three ads running per page, post, category, etc. I’m not sure what you mean by ad settings though. I really attribute the success to the blog engagement threads through different blogger communities.

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