Origami Owl Update – Good People do Exist!

6c219a330941eba2fc5f63c16ca15ebdAbout two weeks ago, one of my first blog posts was about how awful my year was as an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. If you’d like to read about that, you can do so here.

I went about the process of sharing the blog post on my Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts. I shared the post with relevant hashtags, hoping to drive some people to read my blog post.

Within hours, I had a few comments on my Instagram post. One person responded with “Sorry that you quit” but here’s how Origami Owl has helped me, blah blah blah. From the response, she didn’t even read the blog post to understand my story. Who knows, she probably didn’t even click the link. I figured there would be people like that. What I didn’t expect was the second comment about two days later.

The second comment was from someone who actually read my post. She commented with how she understands where I was coming from and has had some of the same trials herself. She offered to send me the coveted chocolate covered strawberry charm that I talked about in my original post…The infamous charm that I hadn’t even seen in person! I responded thanking her for actually reading my post and told her I would love to have the charm, but that she shouldn’t feel obligated to send it to me. She insisted that she wanted to send it to me, that she felt she needed to!

I hesitantly sought out the Facebook page for her Origami Owl business, a link I found on her Instagram profile page. I sent her a message with my address and again thanked her. I don’t know that at this point that I completely expected her to send me the charm…

We continued talking back and forth a bit and she offered to help me get some of my money back by returning stock I have left to Origami Owl and retired items to other sellers looking for them. I cannot believe the help she has been to me already, brightening my outlook on Origami Owl as a whole.

On Instagram, she tagged me in a post mentioning that she had sent out the charm that day and how she just knew it had been saved for me! One of her hashtags include #tagyourgive, a hashtag dedicated to a pay it forward concept. This concept is what I had been thinking about since her first comment on my Instagram post.

I just want to say, Jaylynn has changed my outlook on Origami Owl. Some of the Independent Designers really are a Force for Good. I wish I had encountered someone like here while I was an Independent Designer myself. If someone like her had been my mentor, maybe I would have had a better chance at making a go of it.

If you are thinking about ordering from Origami Owl or becoming an Origami Owl Independent Designer yourself, I strongly suggest you contact Jaylynn, order through her page, or sign up as part of her team. She reflects the message this company tries to convey, “Be a Force for Good.”

You can find Jaylynn here: Facebook | Instagram | Origami Owl

Thank you Jaylynn! I {LOVE} my Chocolate Covered Strawberry!!!

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