Influenster #SpiritVoxBox Review

My #SpiritVoxBox was a huge surprise!

Disclaimer – I received these products (#SpiritVoxBox) free for an honest review as an Influenster member. If you are interested in receiving these boxes, join Influenster using my referral code

I was out eating dinner with my hubby when I got the e-mail that I was in for the Spirit Vox Box and to be expecting it. I mean, that would have surprised me, except for that the hubby had already told me I had a box waiting at home. Talk about perfect timing. However, I was actually surprised to receive another Vox Box. I received a Vox Box in January and due to being busy with school and life, I never finished all my tasks associated with it. I figured I wouldn’t be up for a new Vox Box for awhile, but I’m glad I was!

There were four things in the Spirit Vox Box for me, I somehow didn’t receive the hair product.

  • Yogi Tea (YESSS)
  • Sweetspot Labs Wipettes
  • Snickers Crisper Candy Bar
  • NYC Lovatics Lip and Cheek Tint

Yogi Tea

I’ve tried a few Yogi teas before, but neither of the ones I received in this Vox Box. Both flavors were super yummy and only needed a dash of sugar… Normally I use a lot of sugar with my teas. The teas made me feel good and I’ll probably be using the coupon I got to try another new flavor of the tea. They also come with some nice little quotes. Definitely a great product.

Enjoying some @yogitea in my new favorite cup courtesy of @influenster. Super yummy ? #YogiTeaTime #contest

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Sweetspot Labs Wipettes

I didn’t take a photo of these that I know of, but they’re definitely a product I’ll consider buying in the future. These wipes were kind of funny to me at first because of their bright colors, but they fit in perfectly with my gym gear. I have been working out pretty regularly and these were perfect to throw in my gym bag and let me feel fresh without a shower.

NYC Lovatics by Demi Lip and Cheek Tint

I’m not a huge make up person. I tend to keep things simple and I really like the products I use. I did give this product a try though. It’s an odd product, a sticky liquid that is supposed to be used for lip and cheek tint. It has a nail polish brush style applicator. The color I received is kind of like a hot pink. I don’t know if I was using this product 100% correctly, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it as a cheek tint. I prefer a much softer natural blush. As a lip tint, it was okay, but it left a somewhat sticky residue on my lips that just isn’t what I want in a make up product. This is not something I would consider purchasing for myself.

Snickers Cripser Candy Bar

This is absolutely my favorite candy bar on the market right now. I’ve always preferred a crunchier candy bar, but I do like ones with lots of flavor. Snickers aren’t my go to normally, because they’re more chewy than crunchy. However, when the new Snickers came out, I was dying for all the flavor, but more crunchy. This quickly became a favorite of mine. When I found it in my #SpiritVoxBox, I knew there was at least one product I was sure to love. This candy bar is one I’ll continue buying until they don’t sell them anymore…. and let’s hope that never happens!


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Influenster #SpiritVoxBox Review


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